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Donate new baby goods for Baby Bundle gifts

One of Genesis’ services is to offer a big bag of beautiful brand new baby products and gifts to an unsupported mum in hospital after the birth of her baby.

This is to encourage her and to help her feel special and have some lovely memories of this important event in her life.

We also include a few pampering products for mum as well. She often has a tough road ahead of her for a while.

We would love you to consider perhaps throwing a few extra items in your shopping trolley to help us make up our Baby Bundles for new mums.

Eg: dummys, baby wipes, singlets, soft toys, wraps, booties, socks, bibs, playsuits,
baby powder, baby creams, lotions, shampoo….
And for mum…cologne, hand lotion, body lotion, lip balm, body wash, body spray…..

Please drop any of these items into our office at:

2 Brooker Terrace, Cowandilla SA 5033
Monday to Friday
10am – 3pm