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What is your problem?

It’s tempting right now to think that ‘being pregnant’ IS the problem. This thought can be overwhelming and possibly confuse your thinking, making it difficult to work out how you really feel about being pregnant and possibly becoming a mum.

If you were in different circumstances, with a supportive partner, enough money, family and friends to encourage and support you…..Would being pregnant still be the problem that it seems to be right now?If not, then this may suggest that being pregnant is not the primary ‘problem’, but rather the circumstances you find yourself in, or the lack of support or encouragement you are experiencing.

Often circumstances around you can change rapidly and unexpectedly. So, whatever your circumstances it is very important with this life changing decision ahead of you …. that you ask yourself these very important questions so that you can focus on the REAL issues;

‘If things were different, would I still be so worried or anxious about being pregnant’?
If the answer is ‘no’, you now have the opportunity to really explore your thoughts and feelings about being pregnant.

This is YOUR decision and YOUR choice, so it is very appropriate right now to try to put all other influencing voices aside and ask yourself;
Given all the support that I may need, what would my decision be?
How would I feel about this decision in 1 month, 9 months, years from now?

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  • becoming a parent changes you,
  • placing a baby for adoption changes you,
  • abortion changes you….