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To end your pregnancy through a termination procedure

 The important thing to remember about choosing any pregnancy option, is that the decision you make will impact the rest of your life, even abortion.

Because a termination is a physically invasive procedure it is crucial that you understand all of the possible physical and emotional side effects and risk factors.  You also need to understand the particular procedure that you may be consenting to and how it will affect your body.

Abortion is a decision made by many women in Australia every year. Unfortunately a growing number of these women now say that this decision was made ‘because they felt they had no other choice’. Abortion should not be ‘resorted’ to in desperation, nor rushed into too quickly. This can result in devastating grief and regret.

Taking time with your decision is critically important. 

You need to feel confident and at peace with your choice as your hormone levels in the first 6 weeks of pregnancy have increased 2000% and therefore emotions are running high and decision making can be overly reactive especially if there is input from others affecting your feelings.

It is important that you feel in control of such a major decision and do not allow anyone to push you into making a choice you may not truly want. Coercion from a partner or family member or friends can subtly come into play and you must be able to discern how you truly feel now, and how you may feel in the future.

There are significant numbers of women who say they feel that their decision was not a fully informed one and that they wish they had been given more information about how abortion would, or could, impact them. Take time to look into all the facts.




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