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To continue your pregnancy, navigate a new unexpected course and parent your child.

Choosing to continue with your pregnancy when it was not in your present plans is a big decision and people often don’t feel fully prepared for it.

However, most people find the rewards of parenting far outweigh the challenges.

There are many ways in which you can be assisted with parenting your child, whether alone or with a partner. Identifying what your needs may be, practically and emotionally, is the first step in determining how they might be met.

It is important to understand the financial assistance you may be eligible for through Centrelink:

Other supportive services particular to your community may also be available. These could include;

In the final analysis, with this option, there is love. A love relationship between a mother and her baby. This will see you through a multitude of challenges as it has for so many other parents, even when the pregnancy was planned.

We know this can be such a difficult decision to make
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