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To continue your pregnancy and consider giving the gift of your child to a couple who have desperately waited to love and care for them.

Adoption is quite a different prospect than it was years ago and generally people hear very little about this option and are quite unfamiliar with what is involved.

There are actually hundreds of people waiting to adopt children in Australia. 

About 15-20 parents consider adoption for their child each year in SA.

All different types of people consider placing their child for adoption. The stereotype of just ‘teenage girls’ doing this is a myth.

Many people are now choosing what is known as an ‘open arrangement’ whereby they are able to keep in touch with adoptive parents, have access to information about their child and in some cases even see their child after adoption. 

It is important that you fully understand your rights with regard to adoption.  If you remain undecided about whether to raise your child yourself or place your child for adoption.


  • After giving birth, you are the legal parent and guardian of the child – full rights are maintained as with any other parent while considering adoption.
  • Full parental decisions can be made for the child by the you even if adoption has been discussed.
  • You can take the child home while considering adoption.


  • Parents are usually relieved when told there is no urgency
  • Time allows for the reality of the child’s arrival to be felt and subsequent feeling to be processed one way or the other.
  • Time frames for counselling have ranged from 6 weeks to 18 months after birth.
  • Time frame for counselling and consent is prescribed by law

See: Preparation for Adoption


  • You are the parent of this child
  • Photos and information about the child are available and accessible, as well as information from the hospital or foster care.
  • You have access to the child via visits, caring for the child or having the child for weekends etc
  • Visits by the child’s other relatives or friends is also allowed
  • You can contribute to the decision about the choice of family, and may meet them if you wish
  • A post adoption agreement can be negotiated to maintain connections the child if you would like
  • Post Adoptive Support Services (PASS) available for support afterwards if needed

Other options that might help you with your considerations;

  • Relatives caring for the baby temporarily
  • Utilising foster care for a time in the form of-
            Respite (short stays, random or regular)
            Emergency (overnight – 2weeks)

            Short term (2weeks – 2years)

As with the choice to terminate the pregnancy – adoption is irreversible, but the terms are flexible and fully negotiable and the benefits for the child last for their lifetime and beyond into future generations.

You can contact ‘Placement Services’ at the Department for Child Protection to look into this further.

The final decision to place your child up for adoption is yours alone. 

In the meantime, if you are unsure, you can contact us for a FREE counselling session to work through all your thoughts and feelings. 

We know this can be such a difficult decision to make
 If you have any questions or need to take these difficult emotions through

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