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What is it?

A medical abortion (MS-2 Step) in Australia involves taking two pills 24-48 hours apart. The first is Mifepristone, the second is Misoprostol.

A medical abortion can only be used up to 9 weeks (63 days) of pregnancy. Definitely no later.

The first pill (1 x 200mg mifepristone tablet) is administered by a doctor at a clinic after an initial consult involving an ultrasound and a blood test. The second part of the treatment regime (4 x 200mcg misoprostol tablets) are taken within 24-48 hours later at home.

Although seemingly a simpler and easier method of abortion, these pills have a high complication rate (up to 12%) and any negative symptoms will be experienced at home, possibly alone. It is highly recommended that someone else is present.

It is critically important that you remain within 30 minutes of emergency medical care if proceeding with a medical abortion as advised on the Product Information for MS-2Step. See highlighted [PI] warnings

As advised by SA Health, Bleeding and Pain in Early Pregnancy, Medical Management of Miscarriage (using Misoprostol), pg 12. 

Access to 24-hour telephone advice and emergency facilities within 30 minutes of a woman’s place of residence including O negative blood and surgical management are conditions of undertaking medical treatment of miscarriage. SA Ambulance Service membership is strongly advised.

The Effects of the Medical Abortion medications

  • The first single pill is Mifepristone (a progesterone blocker)

Progesterone is essential for the healthy attachment of the fetus to the wall of the womb and ongoing growth and development. Mifepristone is an artificial steroid that blocks the body’s uptake of progesterone which results in the attachment breaking down so that the embryo/fetus is separated from nutrient and blood supply and dies. It also causes softening of the cervix and increases the body’s sensitivity to prostaglandin.

  • The second lot of four pills are Misoprostol (a synthetic prostaglandin)

This drug causes strong contractions and cramping as well as the opening of the cervix to allow for the expulsion of the embryo/fetus. This is usually accompanied by heavy bleeding with blood loss continuing for approximately 2 weeks. Pain relief medication is usually advised.

  • After completion of the process an appointment must be made with a doctor for an examination to ensure that no tissue has been left behind in the womb.

Risk factors

According to Pregnancy Outcome SA 2016 statistics, medical abortion accounted for 142 of the 173 total abortion complications for that year. That’s equates to 82% of all complications.

Of those 142 complications, 122 required a further surgical procedure. That’s 86% of medical abortion complications.

The main complication for Medical abortion is infection. (posing a danger of Sepsis and Septic shock)

The second most common complication is haemorrhage. (rapid and uncontrollable bleeding)

This is why you should never be located rurally or remotely from emergency medical care.

See: Medical Abortion information brochure

Medical Abortion Reversal

It is possible to reverse the effects of a Medical abortion but only after taking the first pill.

This is accomplished by administering progesterone in order to counter the blocking effect of Mifepristone.

It is not always successful, depending on how soon after taking the first pill it is administered.

It has proven effective in saving the pregnancy in a number of cases and all without side effects to the baby.

If you have just taken Mifepristone only, or should you decide on a Medical abortion and then regret your decision after taking the first pill, please contact Genesis urgently. We will be able to connect you with a doctor who can use the Medical Abortion reversal process to counter the effects of the medication and attempt to save your pregnancy.

Medical Abortion Reversal

Soon after taking the first abortion pill (mifepristone) some women experience doubt or regret.
At this moment, they may wonder if it is still possible to continue their pregnancy and may search for information about the abortion pill’s effects.
Research on Mifepristone shows how it blocks the mother’s hormonal support of the pregnancy and the baby.
Scientific studies indicate that there is a chance of correcting the effects of a medical abortion after taking the first pill (mifepristone), as long as the second pill has not been taken.
If you have begun a medical abortion but regret your decision after taking the first pill please contact 1300 139 313 or use the Contact Form below as soon as possible for more information on how to connect with a doctor and become fully informed about your treatment options.


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