Genesis Pregnancy Support


A gift for the future of Genesis Pregnancy Support Inc.


Bequests are the greatest commitment a supporter can make to enable the future of Genesis and its services to people in need.

Whether large or small, all bequests contribute to helping women, babies and families in South Australia who are facing major difficulties associated with a challenging pregnancy, birth or early parenting.

Genesis services are well positioned to be able to expand exponentially. Bequests can enable this to happen. They can potentially provide the stability of actually owning a permanent building, freeing up money to be used specifically to run programs more often and to more people.

A bequest could enable more Mummylink support groups to be established, extend our presence in schools with our beREADY sex education programs, help to finance more eMbrace parenting programs or eMerge post abortion healing retreats. A bequest could purchase much needed furniture, clothing and equipment for a Mum who is struggling all alone with no support and facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Genesis’ vision is to help as many mums and babies in need in our community, as we have resources to do so.

Making a Bequest

It is not easy to ponder this stage of life, but having your wishes carried out can be a very personal and special way to leave a legacy to many who are in need. Having a valid will is essential to ensure these wishes are carried out and a bequest can be made anonymously or in your name.

You can define personal assets such as shares, bonds, property, a fixed sum (legacy), or simply a percentage (residue) of an estate.

Bequests are not just for the wealthy amongst us. The reality is that bequests are often made by every day, generous and hard-working people wanting to make a difference to their community. It enables their generosity to live on through them even after they have gone.

For more than 30 years Genesis has survived solely on the goodwill of its supporters and the ingenuity and dedicated work ethic of its volunteers. Genesis has never received government funding to undergird or support the work of helping women with unexpected or unsupported pregnancies. We have miraculously served thousands of women through the generosity of caring people who value the lives of both the mother and their unborn child.

Might you consider naming Genesis Pregnancy Support Inc
as a beneficiary in your will?

08 8352 4044

(and ask to speak with our Chief Executive Officer.)

Your enquiry will be treated with complete confidentiality but do remember to seek legal advice from a solicitor or Trustee Company before making a Bequest.

The official name of Genesis is:
Genesis Pregnancy Support Incorporated
ABN: 32 947 063 007

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