Genesis Pregnancy Support

Donation Guidelines


Due to an influx of wonderful donations we are now at capacity for storage and will not be receiving donations again until 1st March.
Thankyou to all our
generous donors!


The safety of babies is our top priority. To ensure their well-being we need to adhere to strict Safety Guidelines.

All items to be cleaned before donating, in very good condition and less than 10 years old.

Please consult the Guidelines below, for specific points regarding the item you intend to donate:

  • Bassinets
    – stable if on a stand
  • Car Seats & Capsules
    – less than 8 years old from the date of manufacture, (illegal to use after 10 years old)

    – has not been involved in an accident
    – straps and buckles intact
    – car tether strap present
    – minimal fading and wear of fabric
  • Change Tables
    – minimal damage to wood / plastic, (for integrity and safety)

    – dismantled, (for ease of pick-up by single mums)
  • Clothes, Linen etc.
    – to be clean and of good quality
  • Cots
    – all bolts, nuts, rods etc. to be included

    – no splits in wood or damage to the side rails or base, (for integrity and safety)
    – minimal paint / varnish damage to wood, (potential for baby to ingest harmful substances)
    – cots to be dismantled, (for ease of pick-up by single mums)
  • Highchairs
    – waist and crotch harness in place

    – broad stable base
  • Prams & Strollers
    – minimal fading or staining of fabric

    – no or minimal rust on metal frames
    – wheels, tyres and steering sound, (for safety and integrity)
    – brakes in good working order
    – sun-visor present, (UV protection for baby / toddler)
  • Rockers / Bouncers
    – waist and crotch harness in place
  • Toys
    – no broken or missing parts

We are unable to accept:

  • Electrical items
    – we are unable to “test and tag” these
  • Jolly Jumpers, Baby Walkers and Bumbos
    – these items are deemed to have an adverse effect on muscular / skeletal development